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This is How we Fly | second album

We are busy putting the finishing touches on the new album - finalising mixes, booking mastering and eventually sending off to press. Once again we would like to thank everyone who crowdfunded this new album, and we will have lots of news regarding a release day and tour dates in the very near future!

About Us

Traditional music, wherever you find it, has not stood aloof from the tools of change that characterize life in our modern world. As you listen to This is How we Fly, you might find yourself raising delightful questions as to the place, potency and possibilities of old music in a new environment. Or you might find yourself released from the games your mind likes to play, as you submit to its textured and seductive sound world.

TIHWF brings together four musicians, each of them rooted in different cultures and musical vocabularies, each on the cusp of their most fertile and creative years. Individually, each member has carved out a reputation for not just mastering their chosen fields, but rising above, redefining and renewing the musical world they come from. A sublime Irish fiddler who’s not afraid to step outside convention, a sophisticated Appalachian hard shoe dancer stepping into the rhythmic foreground, a thoughtful Dublin jazzman who has moved beyond the linear constraints of the genre, and a lyrical Swedish percussionist redefining the melodic and sonic place of drums within the contours of traditional song.

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh //
hardanger d'amore

Seán Mac Erlaine //
clarinets & electronics

Nic Gareiss //
percussive dance

Petter Berndalen //
drums & electronics

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